over-current protection relay / digital / IEC / panel-mount
7SJ45 - 7SJ46 SIEMENS Energy Management



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    digital, IEC, panel-mount


SIPROTEC easy is a 2-stage numerical overcurrent protection device primarily used for radial feeder or transformer protection in medium-voltage networks.

This unit provides inverse-time and definite-time in accordance with IEC and ANSI standards. Units like this one have proven their reliability every day at substations and transformer substations.

Built with compact dimensions and a housing that makes it suitable for a variety of environments. Features modern measurement technique, self-monitoring, and a parmeter setting that uses dip switches.

The SIPROTEC easy 7SJ45 is powered using current transformers (CT), with the power supplied from the load or short circuit current through the standard current transformers. It features auxiliary power from a wide range AC/DC power supply, which makes it suitable for a range of universal applications.

The SIPROTEC easy 7SJ45 is easy to install, with a simple "plug and protect" design.