Voltage protection relay / over-current / panel-mount
7UT612 SIEMENS Energy Management


  • Measured/monitored value:

    voltage, over-current

  • Other characteristics:



The SPIROTEC 7UT612 differential protection relay enables fast and selective fault clearing of short-circuits. This applies to short two terminal lines and busbars up to 7 feeders. It is achieved by using two winding transformers of all voltage levels and also in rotating electric machines, such as generators and motors.

Specific applications are selected by parameterization to achieve optimal adaptation of the relay to the protected object. Also integrated in the relay is a backup overcurrent protection for 1 winding / star point. A negative sequence protection, a breaker failure protection, and a low or high-impedance restricted earth-fault protection are also optional additions that can be used.

A maximum of 12 temperatures can be measured and supervised in the relay due to the external temperature monitoring boxes (RTD-boxes).


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