AC electromechanical relay / DC / panel-mount / auxiliary
7PG11 - 7PG19 Alpha SIEMENS Energy Management



  • Control voltage:

    AC, DC

  • Other characteristics:

    panel-mount, auxiliary


The particular Alpha scale consists of electro-mechanised relays to obtain a selection of reliable features. Different mixtures of coils, connections, functioning gauge banners could be given. Choices are conveniently obtainable regarding run and adjust settings.
- 7PG11 AR relays - standard reliable features - repeat, signs, plan logic FR relays
- 7PG13 MR relays - AC Volt calibrating relay having set or even adjustable setting
- 7PG15 TR relays - Very fast adjustable contact tripping relays, easily obtainable in each low and high burden versions. Variations as much as 11 contacts. <10ms operation.
- 7PG17 XR relays - Interposing relay intended for management purposes, source supervision, trip circuit guidance, ferroresonance alarm system
- 7PG18 TR-A relays - Very fast adjustable contact tripping relays, substantial burden versions - only Twenty contacts <12.5ms function.

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