over-current protection relay / digital / three-phase / panel-mount
7PG2113 - 7PG2116 solkor series SIEMENS Energy Management



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    digital, three-phase, panel-mount, differential


The particular 7PG2113, 7PG2114, 7PG2115 as well as 7PG2116, are derived from the often proven 7PG2111 including a built-in numeric overcurrent as well as earth error component. It’s actually a 3 level device differential safety utilized to identify within zone level as well as earth errors. The particular relay is used to over head line and also below the ground wire circuits in addition to smaller circuits like interconnectors. Relays (as well as connected CTs) are set up at every side on the guarded circuit as well as linked jointly by using focused metal pilot cables. This particular proven safety method supplies a straightforward, strong safety regarding tested efficiency aiding simple set up, commissioning as well as upkeep. Relays possess Three current inputs and tend to be located in E10 housings. Extra relays as well as elements are usually included with the fundamental safety to supply: Improved efficiency degree in addition to Pilot Wire Guidance to check the particular reliability of the particular pilot circuit. The actual incorporated Overcurrent as well as earth error safety can be a...

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