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SICAM TM SIEMENS Energy Management


Advanced automation solutions are a requirement of almost all processes, which are increasingly demanding more and more efficiency, comprehensiveness and safety from primary equipments.

A key requirement for this is automation systems like Siemens SICAM TM, which offers several communication interfaces and peripheral components - all expandable by addition of new modules.

SICAM TM solves for highly complicated, yet entirely transparent automation solutions using its system concept, which enables a combination of automation and telecontrol in a single device. The device is easily mountable on 35 mm DIN rails thanks to its intelligent terminal module.

SICAM TM enables a direct connection between actuators and sensors and wire cross-sections of up to 2.5 mm². This leads to a consistent reduction in wide transfer interfaces. Further savings at interface level are made possible by the binary input and output modules up to 220 VDC.

For decentral input/output, SICAM TM allows a distance between individual modules and the master control element as far as 200 m.