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Gas insulated primary distribution switchgear
max. 145 kV | HIS 8DN8 SIEMENS Energy

You needn't have any space worries with HIS, the gas-insulated switchgear for indoor and outdoor use, because HIS requires less than half the space of a comparable air-insulated switchgear.
The 8DN8 type HIS is a compact switchgear solution for a rated voltage of up to 145 kV, used mainly for renewal or expansion of air-insulated outdoor and indoor substations, particularly if the operator wants to carry out modifications while the switchgear is in service.
With new construction projects, high site prices and increasingly complex approval procedures mean that space requirement is the prime factor in costing.
With the HIS solution, the circuit-breakers, disconnectors, earthing switches and transformers are accommodated in compressed gas-tight enclosures, thus rendering the switchgear extremely compact.
Thus, you can also meet the growing demands on your switchgear within the scope of the existing site.


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