managed ethernet switch / 8 ports / layer 2 / DIN rail
SCALANCE XM408PoE Siemens Industrial Communication



  • Type:


  • Number of ports:

    8 ports

  • Network:

    layer 2

  • Mounting:

    DIN rail

  • Other characteristics:


  • Applications:



The Scalance XM408 PoE model assembled by Siemens, is a 3 layered industrial ethernet switch that features a standard design consisting of port extenders. It provides rapid mobile network diagnostics through the use of a smartphone or tablet via WLAN and near field communication system. Moreover, the device offers an electrical or optical networking during operation with the utilization of comboports.

This Siemens industrial ethernet switch is capable of being optionally activated with the swap medium key-plug XM-400, for an enhanced performance. In addition, expansion is possible without the requirement of tools due to the extender modules.

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