unmanaged network switch / 24 ports / gigabit / 19" rack
SCALANCE XR124WG Siemens Industrial Communication



  • Type:


  • Number of ports:

    24 ports

  • Network:


  • Mounting:

    19" rack, cabinet

  • Other characteristics:

    RJ45, IP30

  • Applications:



The unmanaged SCALANCE XR-100WG (work group) switches are cost-effective Industrial Ethernet rack switches for automation in industry-related applications or in control rooms. The switches with degree of protection IP30 are designed for operation in the 19" control cabinet and offer the following advantages:
- small design dimensions and fanless operation for mounting modules on both sides in 19" cabinets
- switches can be mounted without any clearance in the control cabinet (depending on ambient conditions)
- ideal solution for configuring Ethernet line and star topologies

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