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Busbar system
160 - 1 250 A | BD2 SIEMENS Low-Voltage & Products


The Universal Solution for High Performance in a Small Space, Particularly in Office Buildings and Industrial Transfer Lines

The communication capable BD2 system with load value detection, remote monitoring and switching increases transparency of operation.
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* Simple planning and reduced stock keeping due to a single system up to 1,250 A in two sizes with seven current intensities in Al or Cu
* Protection against unauthorised access by sealable tap-off points
* 3-D junction unit up to 800 A allows flexible adjustment to all building structures

Safe Operation and Reliable Fire Protection

The BD2 system is particularly suited for applications from 160 A to 1,250 A with increased safety requirements. The tested fire barrier and functional endurance in case of fire ensure a high degree of safety and thus represent an optimum solution for large buildings, industrial applications as well as for shipbuilding. The compact system not only stands out for its safe operational behaviour, but also for its minimum space requirements. It can also be used for the infeed of the smaller CD-K and BD01 systems.


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