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Busbar trunking system
1 100 - 5 000 A | LD SIEMENS Low-Voltage & Products

System LD 1100 ... 5000 A
The Reliable Busbars for Industrial Production Lines, for Trade Show Halls and Ships

The LD system is characterised by a robust and compact design with only two sizes for 1,100 A to 5,000 A.
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* Reliable and simple planning of power distribution by type-tested connection to SIVACON switchboard and transformers
* High water protection (sprinkler suitable)
* Many fields of application thanks to compact design in two sizes from 1,100 A to 5,000 A
* High availability through tap-off units with circuit breakers up to 1,250 A

Reliable Power Transportation for High Power Requirements

The LD system offering rapid and safe mounting covers the current range from 1,100 A to 5,000 A. It transports and distributes the power between the transformer, main power distribution board and sub-distribution boards on production sites with high power requirements, e.g. for welding lines in the automotive industry.


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