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Fast-acting fuse / Diazed / neozed / for semiconductors
SITOR SILIZED SIEMENS Low-Voltage & Products


  • Type:


  • Configuration:

    Diazed, neozed

  • Applications:

    for semiconductors

  • Amperage:

    Min.: 25 A

    Max.: 100 A


The DIAZED (D) fuses and the NEOZED (D0) fuses are part of the SILIZED brand. They offer superfast characteristics for semiconductor protection. Devices that they protect include semiconductor contactors, converters, UPS systems, static relays, and soft starters (up to 100A). They also protect converters with fuses in the DC link and input.

The extremely fast disconnect ability of the D and D0 fuses is what makes them superior to conventional fuses. Fuse screw caps, bases and accessories of the standard fuse design are used together in the manufacture of these SILIZED models.

Always consider the maximum permissible values of power loss as a result of high power dissipation when using the fuse screw caps and bases constructed of molded plastic.


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