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digital power meter / three-phase
7KT PAC 1500 SIEMENS Low-Voltage & Products



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    digital, three-phase


Overview 7KT PAC1500 measuring devices are designed for measurement of power consumption in 3-phase systems, e.g. in industrial plants, offices and apartments in apartment houses. The growing cost pressure is witnessed particularly in industries. The operating times are minimized and the manufacturing facilities needs to be frequently retrofitted. During operational procedures, the load levels of the distribution boards are under constant observation to avoid peak loads in a timely manner or to perform retrofitting.

The versions benefits the industrial plants and office buildings by consumption analysis and minimizing operating costs. The device versions with LAN interfaces enables easy readout performance using an existing LAN network. The LCD display of the device indicates 6 measured values including active energy rate 1 and rate 2, reactive energy rate 1 and rate 2, active power and reactive power which provides read out of the current load of a distribution board

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