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Ground fault monitoring device
5TT3 SIEMENS Low-Voltage & Products


  • Monitored product/process:

    ground fault


The fault signalling unit are used in small plants to avoid expensive and labor intensive installation of complex fault signaling systems. During any fault, the device enables rapid fault localization of all monitoring devices and limit monitors from a central location which increases the plant availability. The device with correct sensor configuration provides additional option of preventative maintenance. The unit features 4 fault signal inputs with LED, 1 LED as centralized fault indicator, 1 unit for centralized fault indication and acoustic signaling.

The unit is designed with acknowledgment for acoustic indicators . The open-/closed-circuit principle to the 4 inputs is set through jumpers X1 X2. A maximum of 39 5TT3 461 expansion fault signaling units offers easy connection to the 5TT3 460 centralized fault signaling unit. 5TT3 460 centralized fault signaling units and 5TT3 461 expansion fault signaling units is connected with a maximum 100 m approx. cable length and 1.5 mm2 conductor cross-section


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