power distribution unit
PSE200U 4 x 3 A Siemens Power Supplies

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power distribution unit power distribution unit - PSE200U 4 x 3 A
  • Power distribution unit


The SITOP PSE200U and SITOP select selectivity modules are the optimal expansion for all 24 V power supplies to distribute the load current to several feeders and to monitor it. Overload and short-circuit in one or more feeders is reliably detected and signaled. The electronics permit brief current peaks caused, for example, by high inrush currents, but disconnects feeders in the event of an extended overload. This is ensured even on high-resistance lines and in the case of "creeping" short-circuits. In such cases, miniature circuit breakers fail to trip, or trip too late, even if the power supply unit could deliver the required tripping current. The SITOP expansion module continues to supply the intact feeders with 24 V absolutely free of interruptions and feedback
– a feature which avoids a possible total system failure.