lithium iron phosphate battery / modular / maintenance-free
SITOP BAT8600 Siemens Power Supplies



  • Type:

    lithium iron phosphate

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Nominal voltage:

    48 V


Bridging longer power failures lasting from minutes to hours with full system power

An uninterruptible power supply with appropriate battery modules can be used to protect against longer power dips on the line side and thus to bridge power failures lasting from minutes to hours. These expansion modules make it possible to shut the plant down safely and selectively in the event of a power failure. For most power interruptions, the bridging time is sufficient to allow the plant to continue operating without disruption.

UPS8600 module for charge/discharge control with up to five BAT8600 battery modules of the same construction Simple connection of UPS8600 via the System Clip Link, a connector for system data and power supply Smart battery management for optimal battery service life Battery modules BAT8600 with maintenance-free lead-acid or lithium iron phosphate batteries