process gas analyzer / carbon monoxide / carbon dioxide / continuous
ULTRAMAT 6 Siemens Process Analytics



  • Measured entity:

    carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, process gas

  • Other characteristics:

    continuous, extractive


Most frequently used for demanding applications, the ULTRAMAT 6 must meet high standards with regard to reliability and measuring quality. This is guaranteed by modern electronics, ease of operation and a physical element that is adapted to the measuring task.

The ULTRAMAT 6E measures up to four infrared active components in a single unit, the ULTRAMAT 6F up to two infrared active components. The use of optical couplers and the optional use of optical filters to increase the selectivity mean that, in many cases, the analyzers can be used for measurements even in complex gas mixtures. This also guarantees measurements of lower concentrations and lower detection limits.

Appropriate materials in the gas channel allow the analyzers to be used even for measurements in gas mixtures with corrosive elements or corrosive measuring components.

The gas proof separation of the electronic and physical components when using the field analyzer design with type IP65 protection and purging gas connection guarantees a long service life even with severe ambient conditions. The field device design is also the basic variant for the possible optional heating of the analysis unit for the measurement of low-boiling components and for use in hazardous areas.