process gas analyzer / hydrogen sulfide / oxygen / resistance
ULTRAMAT 23 Siemens Process Analytics



  • Measured entity:

    process gas, hydrogen sulfide, oxygen

  • Measured value:


  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    extractive, continuous, compact, automatic, rugged, NDIR, electrochemical


With its multi-component design with NDIR technology for the measurement of up to three IR active constituents and optional electrochemical cells for O2 and H2S measurement, the ULTRAMAT 23 is extremely innovative and space saving.

The integrated automatic calibration function using ambient air is a unique advantage. A check with calibration gases is necessary once a year only.

Menu-guided operation with plain text allows users and service personnel to operate the device immediately. The information in the logbook allows preventive maintenance.

The multi-layer detectors used guarantee high selectivity and reduced water vapour interference. The measuring cells used are robust and resistant and can easily be cleaned in case of faults pollution, induced by faults in the sample preparation leading to soiling. The sample cell is robust and can be easily cleaned.

The electrochemical oxygen sensor is used for determining the O2 reference value, and the hydrogen sulfide sensor means that the ULTRAMAT 23 can also be used for applications in biogas plants.

Integration of the electrochemical cells together with NDIR technology in a single, compact device saves costs in sample preparation and spare parts management.