Capacitive level switch / compact
100 mm, -30 °C ... +100 °C, max. 10 bar | Pointek CLS100 SIEMENS Sensors and Communication


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Pointek CLS100 represents a compact 2-wire inverse frequency shift capacitance switch applicable in constricted spaces, interfaces, solids, liquids, slurries and foam. The versatile Pointek CLS100 with a 100 mm (4") short insertion length supports various applications and in vessels or pipes thus proving it an replacement for traditional capacitance sensors. The series is equipped with advanced tip-sensing technology for accurate, repeatable switchpoint performance.

The PPS (Polyphenylene sulfide) probe [optional PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride)] features distinguished chemically resistant characteristics with an effective process operating temperature range from -30 to +100 °C (-22 to +212 °F) (7ML5501), and -10 to +100 °C (+14 to +212 °F) (7ML5610). The probes fully potted design ensures high reliability in vibrating environment such as agitated tanks up to 4 g. The CLS100 in combination with SensGuard protection cover protects the probe from shearing, impact and abrasion in tough primary processes.


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