Fiber optic connector
7XV5101 SIEMENS Smart Grid

Connector modules 7XV5101

Optical connection of protection relays with an electrical (non-isolated) RS232 interface, e.g. to a star coupler, for centralized control is made possible with the fiber-optic RS232 connector modules.
Thus, further devices such as PCs or notebooks, modems or serial data switches can be effectively protected against electromagnetic interference. An appropriate connector module is available for each of the above-mentioned applications. These fiber-optic RS232 connector modules are housed in a SUB-D plug casing and can be directly plugged into the respective interfaces of the pertaining devices. No further settings are required. In its normal position, the optical interface is set to steady light OFF. Data transmission is fully duplex and transparent. The optical interface with FSMA connectors has an operational wavelength of 820 nm and can reach distances of up to 1500 m with 62.5/125 μm multi-mode FO cables.
The various designs differ from each other in the number of pins (9 or 25 poles), in the design of the connector (male or female) and in their mode of auxiliary voltage supply (pin 9 from device or plug-in power supply unit (PSU). Further information on application and design can be obtained from the selection and ordering data.
Elbow plug 7XV5101-8
The 25-pin elbow plug allows an optical connection to be established between the protection relays and the star coupler or active mini star- coupler via the operator interface and fiber-optic connector modules. The front cover of the relay remains closed.


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