analog pressure gauge / Bourdon tube / for ammonia refrigerant / process



  • Display:


  • Technology:

    Bourdon tube

  • Applications:

    for ammonia refrigerant, process

  • Pressure:

    Min.: 0 bar (0 psi)

    Max.: 30 bar (435.11 psi)


The gauges are available with standard display ranges of -1...15 bar, -1...24 bar and -1...30 bar. The scale plates are printed with combined pressure and temperature scales. The pressure scales are in bar, kPa / MPa or psi; the temperature scales are in °C or °F and match the evaporation pressure curve of the corresponding refrigerant. In accordance with DIN 16112, the temperature scales are implemented as „dot scales“ and are usually printed in colour. Gauges with scales for more than one refrigerant can be supplied on request. SIKA offers a wide variety of ready-made special scales for individual measuring ranges and refrigerants. All pressure gauges have standard G¼ B or G½ B thread (also available with NPT thread).