single-point lubricator / multi-point / electromechanical / electrochemical
simalube simatec AG



  • Type:

    single-point, multi-point

  • Technology:

    electromechanical, electrochemical, gas-driven

  • Applications:

    for bearings, chain, for precise lubrication, for hazardous areas, for linear slides

  • Other characteristics:

    automatic, explosion-proof

  • Capacity:

    Max.: 250 ml (8 US fl oz)

    Min.: 15 ml (1 US fl oz)

  • Pressure:

    Max.: 5 bar (72.5 psi)

    Min.: 0 bar (0 psi)


Millions of simalube automatic lubricators have been sold to customers around the world. simalube lubricators, which come in five different sizes, are suitable for any single-point lubricating task with grease or oil. They can be used in a variety of applications with many different greases and oils.

Roller bearings that are either insufficiently or wrongly lubricated wear out long before they have reached their expected product life. simalube lubricators guarantee a consistent supply of lubricant in the pre-adjusted amount. With simalube, shutdown times are decreased and costs in comparison to time-consuming manual lubrication are greatly reduced.

It takes only a few seconds to attach simalube to the lubricating point. The gas producing dry cell takes over from there. The dry cell produces hydrogen gas, which builds up behind the lubricator’s piston, pushing the piston and dispensing the lubricant automatically and evenly.