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anti-static bar
max. 500 mm, 24 V DC | Performax IQ Easy SIMCO (Nederland) B.V.


The Performax IQ Easy antistatic bars assure exceptional performances with outstanding control. The antistatic bar works in conjunction with the Manager IQ Easy, to deliver high efficiencies in neutralization of static charges.

The patented Up-stream static charge evaluation technique is used through the Manager IQ Easy to enable utilization as a pro-active static neutralizer. A Sensor IQ Easy can be assimilated into the system, in order to increase the efficiency by evaluating the downstream residual static charge and facilitating real time ionisation efficiencies. This ensures extremely reduced residual static charges.

The bars incorporate a structure that is reinforced with glass fiber, thereby imparting excellent ruggedness and solidity in build, even for 5 meter long bars. The Performax IQ Easy is equipped with high voltage power supply. It works at extremely low voltage inputs of 24 VDC. The bars are supplied with a standard M12 connector, for use with the 24 VDC voltage supply.


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