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function generator / voltage / electrostatic charge
CM5-60 SIMCO (Nederland) B.V.



  • Type:

    function, voltage, electrostatic charge


The CM5-60 is manufactured by SIMCO B.V. from Nederland. It is an electrostatic charge generator, that is compatible with models ECM30/60 and ECM DI30/60. The device is equipped with a quick set-up menu to function as an ECM30/60. The menu is offered in a variety of language, which includes English, German, French and Italian.

In addition, the CM5-60 is added with a new function current control, which is designed for setting a fixed current against a fixed voltage. Thus, the generator can monitor the supplied current to the electrode. For safety, the generator is equipped with sensing capability when there is no material to be charged, and then it switches the current to a safe low level. This prevents sparks and emitter pin wear.