video recorder / paperless / temperature / universal
MultiCon CMC-99 SIMEX Sp. z o.o.



  • Type:

    video, paperless

  • Measured physical value:

    temperature, universal, humidity, flow

  • Applications:

    for liquids, for gas, water level, industrial, medical

  • Other characteristics:

    multi-channel, panel-mount, USB, Ethernet, with touchscreen, with TFT-LCD screen, with integrated data logger, RTD, modular, programmable, multifunction


The MultiCon CMC-99 is a unit manufactured by Simex company. It is a device made for advance applications in industrial automatic control engineering. The unit was equipped with three isolated RS-485 interfaces which that it a perfect solution for distributed systems to work as CPU. A wide range of input and output modules permits to customize CMC accurately as the user requires it. The software of the device is free DAQ Manager software for multichannel controller that can be downloaded directly from section „Download” in it. It has a communication interface standard ofRS-485 (Modbus RTU), 1 x USB Host; ETU version: 1 or 2 x USB Host, 1 x Ethernet 10 MB; enhanced ACM version: 2 x RS-485, 1 x RS-485/232, 1 or 2 x USB Host, 1 x Ethernet 10 MB.