alphanumeric display / 7-segment / 5-digit / programmable
SWS-W510 SIMEX Sp. z o.o.



  • Type:


  • Features:

    7-segment, 5-digit

  • Other characteristics:

    programmable, electronic, built-in


The SWS-W510 is manufactured by Simex, and is a large-size simple digital panel indicator that is designed for displaying any numerical values and characters defined by the user sent from the master device over the RS-485 serial interface link.

The unit has power rating of 16 to 35 V AC or 85 to 260 V AC/DC. It has an LED display with color red in 5 x 100 mm that has 8-step adjustment of brightness. It can operate at standard temperature of 0°C to +50°C, and has case that can be mounted in the wall. The case is made up of aluminium and methyl polimethacrylate with IP30 class rating.

The unit has case dimensions of 578 x 208 x 102 mm.

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