programmable digital controller
MultiCon CMC-141 SIMEX Sp. z o.o.



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Multicon CMC controllers are powerful, compact and versatile. These multi-channel devices have a capability to record data, as long as the recording function is requested. The newest model, the CMC-141, is based on Linux firmware and is the big brother to the CMC-99 model. It comes with every feature included in the 99, yet with a larger display, more outputs and inputs, and more logic channels.

In addition to these benefits, its casing depth is only 100mm, making it one of the first industrial products that can integrate advanced control functions and logging of excitations and setpoints. It is also capable of logging the current state of controlled objects. Configuration is made simple with the touchscreen. Data is neatly presented and readable. Despite its small housing, the 141 can integrate a maximum of 72 inputs.

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