Pneumatic pliers
SP-002, SP-002F Simonds


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This group of air-opened hand tools comprises five actuators that can be used interchangeably with any of the jaw
sets described on pages 4 and 5. Standard power packs have a stroke of 1-1/2 and may be operated at 60-100 psi.
For hand operation each pack is furnished with a lever controlled internal air valve and a 5 air hose.
The actuators can be furnished for foot-operation by designating the suffix F in the part number (i.e. SP-002F). This
style does not have the lever operated air valve, but instead has 2 - 1/8 ports in the rear of the pack for connection to
a footswitch or solenoid. Two 5 air hoses are supplied with F models, and an optional 4-way footswitch is available
(Model #107) if required.


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