portable line boring machine
RSX9 800 Sir Meccanica S.p.A.


RSX9 800 is a chip removal machine.It's designed to handle axial alignments or realignments,of big tubes that have axial or symmetrical cylindrical cavities.RSX9 800 is also designed for big tubes that are developed mainly in length,unreachable and unmanageable with conventional machines.
RSX9 800 can do all the on-site jobs.It replaces all the difficulties of moving the big tubes and all their connections,parts and structures from the working area.RSX9 800 cancels the economic and the logistics nature of big tubes handling.
The machine can handle all the specific and firm mechanical structures.It's right for lots of different applications and their inner cylindrical surface.
Adding the suitable parts, it's possible to achieve flange facing on the front face of the cavity.
The whole working system is electronically designed so it lets a continuous monitoring and the cutting and feeding parameters adjusting.The system interacts with different transducers.
The system has very fast actions and activities to facilitate the working time.In case of an irregularity,machine’s also has a safety anti-locking system that allows the neutral of transmissions and a fast recover of the machine.


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