Boring machine with fixed shaft / portable
ø 500 - 800 mm | RSX9 800 Sir Meccanica

Chip removal machine, designed for axial alignments or realignments, of big tubes that have axial/symmetrical cylindrical cavities, developed mainly in length, inaccessible or not manageable with conventional machine tools.
Designed to perform "on-site" jobs, replaces the inabilities and difficulties of economic/logistics nature, of moving the big tubes and all their connections or structures from the working area.
The RSX9, for the precise and solid mechanical structure, is suitable to all the numerous turning applications for roughing and finishing of internal cylindrical surface.
With the use of the appropriate accessories, you can perform flange facing on the front face of the cavity.
It is equipped with fast movements in order to optimize the working time and it has a safety anti-locking system which in case of an abnormality allows the neutral of transmissions and a fast salvage of the machine from the working cavity.
The entire working system is electronically handled through interactions with different transducers, that allow for a constant monitoring and setting of the cutting and feeding parameters.


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