Hydrostatic level transmitter
LH840 Sitron

Sitron's Hydrostatic Level Probes have identical features as the Pressure Sensors with one main difference; they are submersible. Hydrostatic Level Probes are specifically designed for depth/level measurements in groundwater, deep wells, water towers, rivers, sewage treatment plants and other similar applications. The Hydrostatic Level Probes are fully encapsulated and are housed in a weatherproof cylindrical enclosure. Offering a great degree of flexibility, they can be constructed with 316S.S. rigid rods or with special cables for depth measurement.

These probes can be made with either 316 S.S. piezoresistive or ceramic cells. Their compact design enables the probes to work within pipe diameters as little as 3/4” (LH840S Only). The LH842 models are mounted (Rod or Cable) on a process connection with an electronic module within the enclosure, providing a Zero/Span adjustment.


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