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compact turbo-blower compact turbo-blower - DT / DTP series


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Turbo technology is the suggested method for achieving the highest efficiency in air compression up to 1 bar. Once the first turbo blower had been manufactured in 2001 using a new combination of techniques, spectacular improvements became visible compared to the conventional rotary piston and screw compressors. In addition to a vast reduction in necessary power, the sound pressure and maintenance schedule of the turbo blowers have come as somewhat of a relief. With the optimisation of the techniques used, we have improved our series of Dutair turbo blowers and simplified them into a universal compact turnkey module. In this process, we have engineered ease of use, control, security and communication into an extremely reliable machine.

Based on these unprecedented performances, we have a radial turbo compressor, which, with revolutions of between 20,000 and 50,000 r/min, generates minimal losses. The Dutair series permanent magnet motors have been designed for optimal electric and magnetic properties. Due to the high number of revolutions, the relatively small motors are able to supply enormous powers, which makes cooling a challenge. The inventive integrated Dutair motor cooling is so effective that this air-cooling works without external components up to and including 300 kW. Whilst in operation, the rotor does not make a single contact with the fixed parts of the turbo blower thanks to the axial and radial air foil bearing. The complete module contains easy-to-exchange filter cartridges, which also forms the only periodic maintenance of this 100% oil-free machine.

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