temperature monitoring system / vibration / alarm
3 Hz - 10 kHz | CMPT CTU SKF Condition Monitoring - Fort Collins



  • Type:

    temperature, vibration

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With the CMPT CTU on-line monitoring system, you can connect up to 64 distributed CMPT CTU units to one operating terminal (CMPT HMI, fig 1). Each CMPT CTU unit analyzes both vibration and temperature overall levels, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The CMPT CTU initiates communication when an alarm occurs. The terminal displays an alarm list, including an alarm events log and operators’ acknowledgement of the alarm log.

You can customize the terminal with process views and alarm information for individual projects and customers.
Add output relays as an option
Connect CMPT HMI to a PLC for data exchange
Communicate alarm events by OPC interface, SMS or e-mail

The CMPT CTU is simple to install and little knowledge is demanded of operators after the alarm level is set.