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1077600/SET SKF Maintenance and Lubrication Products



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Simple grease stuffing SKF Grease Gun TLGH 1 SKF Grease Gun 1077600 is suited for cultivation, manufacturing and construction industrial sectors and also for personal usage.

The SKF Grease guns are shipped with a 175 mm (6. 9 in. ) lengthy extendable tube using hydraulic gripping nozzle. The adaptable 500 mm (19. 7 in. ) extended pressure hose pipe using hydraulic gripping nozzle can be obtained as an additional attachment.

The SKF grease guns are utilized for cartridges wiht loose grease and Knurled body for a strong and secured grip. The SKF grease guns have good quality metal steeel that is dent-resistant with regard to easy cartridge loading.

Specific piston design for easy emptying of cartridges 50 MPa (5 800 psi) maximum pressure 1077600: 1, 5 cm³ (0. 092 in. ³ ) volume/stroke TLGH 1: 0, 9 cm³ (0. 055 in. ³ ) volume/stroke.

The SKF grease gun 1077600 is obtainable with 300 mm (12 in. ) high pressure hose pipe with a hydraulic gripping nozzle, 1077600H.