mineral oil-based grease / for bearings / for bearing units / low-temperature
LGWM 1 SKF Maintenance and Lubrication Products



  • Type:

    mineral oil-based

  • Product applications:

    for bearings, for bearing units

  • Other characteristics:

    low-temperature, extreme pressure

  • Operating temperature:

    Max.: 110 °C (230 °F)

    Min.: -30 °C (-22 °F)


The SKF Group's LGWM 1 Extreme Pressure Low Temperature Grease is a mineral-based, pressure additive-integrated grease lubricant that utilizes a lithium soap. It is ideal for bearing lubricating applications under an axial or radial load. It features substantial oil film accumulation at minimal temperatures (down to -22 degrees Fahrenheit), an extensive level of corrosion and water tolerance, and a high pumpability capability at minimal temperatures. Some standard fields of application include windmill operations and screw conveyor functions.

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