compact linear module / 1-axis
CLSM 150 series SKF Motion Technologies



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Compact design with three different screws
Four different cover option for most application
Inline and parallel(belt) gear boxes
Customized motor adapter
High load carrying capacity with long service life
Flexible design for customization
Precise alignment and secure fastening of attachments
High level of precision and repeatability
Fits most of servo and brushless DC motors
CLSM 150 linear modules are designed for automation industry. They are equipped with a pair of profile rail guides with 2 carriages each and show a high performance in terms of guiding accuracy and stiffness. The profile rail guide modules are available with a wide range of ball screws, linear motor and belts to match high dynamic and positioning accuracy. CLSM 150 are available with aluminum, PU-strip, steel-strip and steel cover.