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Tube oil separator
S01GB skimoil inc.


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This range of Fishboy Oil Skimmers by Skimoil implement the exclusively blended FishTube colelcto tube that configured in length to suit the application and welded into a constant loop. Adding to this, This FishTube collector hovers on the surface of water and is powered in c onstant loop by a skimmer. Fats, oils and grease stick to the exterior surface of the tube and are absorbed into the skimmer. The material attracted into the skimmer is eradicated by abrasive resistant Dureon scrapers and flows into a sludge pan that is cppointed with drain coupling.

The tube that is clean is then directed back to the base of the water by the skimmer to eradicate more material. Cooking oils, animal fats, diesel fuel, cutting oil grease, gasoline, jet a fuel, hydrallic oil, lubricating oil, kerosene, quench oil, paint sludge, silicone, RAD waste, sludge, solvents, tramp oil, soybean oil, waste oil and vegetable oil are not an issue for the Skimoil Fishboy Oil Skimmer.


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