alloy analyzer / identification / portable / for the mining industry
Pocket III Skyray Instrument



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    for the mining industry, X-ray fluorescence


The Pocket III XRF from Skyray Instrument Inc. is a handheld fluorescence spectrometer. The unit can now be used in different fields of applications.

This device operates with successful accuracy and precision in industries like Alloy analysis, Lead and other dangerous element analysis (ROHS/WEEE), and precious metal analysis from the depths of the mines to the table top in the jewelry store. It is made lightweight and portable.

It is designed with 2 batteries, which lasts a complete duration of 6 hours every battery. The sturdy and portable housing enables the user to bring the unit anywhere their job needs.

The Pocket III is designed with what the user requires, from the Wireless PDA with GPS navigation, to the extra batteries and wires for easy charging, if needed.

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