refractive properties tester / optical quality / optical lens / automatic
Smart_OptiBench SmartVision S.r.l.



  • Test type:

    refractive properties, optical quality

  • Tested product:

    optical lens

  • Other characteristics:




Optical Refractive Properties and Optical Quality of Lens Tester

“Smart_OptiBench automatically checks the Optical Power of SunLenses and frame mounted SunGlasses”

Automatic and Fast

Smart_OptiBench performs fully automatic tests equivalent to Telescope Method to check Refractive Powers for Afocal SunLenses and SunGlasses in a short time. This innovative System takes objective and repeatable high precision measures for any kind of Afocal Lenses, including Polarized Thermoformed and Mirrored Lenses, with full automatic data report and no need of intervention by the operator.

Easy and Productive

In one unique device, Smart_OptiBench performs test on both Adults and Kids SunGlasses and has adjustable interpupillary distance. Its user friendly interface shows a simple « Pass / Fail » semaphore output according to main International Standards and doesn’t need input of T%.

Accurate and Complete

Smart_OptiBench accomplishes complete measurements of Refractive Powers for afocal SunLenses and SunGlasses. Moreover, it is the unique device able to determine the Optical Quality of the Lenses through a Sharpness Index based on MTF method (Optional), to ensure complete compliance with International Standards, and also European Regulation (EU) 2016/425.