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HED-W series SMC Corporation of America



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    benchtop, thermoelectric


HED-W, Thermoelectric Chiller for Chemicals (Controller / Heat Exchanger Combination)
The HED-W is a specialty recirculating chiller designed for direct temperature control of chemical liquids in the 300 to 750 watt capacity range. The device consists of a controller and separate fluororesin heat exchanger. A refrigerant-free, thermoelectric peltier element controls temperature with precision of ±0.1°C. Extracted heat can be removed via facility water connection. This model configures the controller and heat exchanger in one part number.

Cooling capacity: 300 W, 500 W, 750 W
Temperature range setting: 10 to 60°C
Temperature stability: ±0.1°C
Power supply requirement: single phase 180 ~ 242 VAC, 50/60Hz
Circulating fluid: Various liquid chemicals, see catalog (fluororesin compatible)
Standards: Ce, SEMI S2-0706, F47-0706, RoHS