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flat vacuum suction cup / for vacuum / multi-function
ZP3E series SMC France



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    for vacuum, multi-function


We continue to suck up the competition in the vacuum sector with the launch of our new ZP3 Series, which complements the ZP and ZP2 Series. Available in three options ? flat, bellow and flat with a groove for easy work-piece removal ? the ZP3 also offers a range of diameters from Ø1.5mm to Ø16mm. The pad length has been shortened by up to 9mm and a new Ø2mm tubing port means the ZP3 requires up to 75% less piping space. Its joint construction design connects the pad with the adapter and a new internal shape guarantees both sections fit perfectly. In addition, a new fixing boss (lateral vacuum inlet) offers easy mounting and repeatability leading to labour savings. The buffer body has also been reduced in length by up to 55.5mm and has an additional 3mm short stroke type. Available in a wide range of materials and piping selections, which includes a new male thread option, the ZP3 can be used for a variety of vacuum applications from the transfer of general work to semiconductor and chemical work.