automatic shrink wrapping machine / for bottles / for cardboard boxes / for heat-shrink films



  • Operational mode:


  • Product applications:

    for bottles, for cardboard boxes

  • Other characteristic:

    for heat-shrink films, with shrink tunnel, double, horizontal

  • Throughput:

    80 p/min


The new ERGON range of automatic packers is based on design choices inspired by key concepts such as ergonomics, technology, sturdiness and modularity, masterfully blended to mark a new, significant evolution in the history of SMI products.

You can point out the new ERGON packers rather quickly due to the rounded profile of the movable safety guards, which allow to house all the motors on the outside with respect to the mechanical units they run, facilitating line operator access when performing maintenance.

The new heat-shrinking tunnels of the ERGON range boast cutting-edge technical solutions that allow reducing energy consumption and ensure the utmost environmental compatibility of the processes as well as the improvement of the final quality of the packaged pack.

The CSK ERGON series is composed of automatic shrink-wrapping machines for packing plastic, metal, cardboard or glass containers. Depending on the model chosen, they can make packs in film only, cardboard pad + film, tray only, cardboard tray + film.

The CSK ERGON series packers can achieve an output of max. 50 packs per minute in single lane (50+50 in double lane), depending on the machine model and on the product to be packaged. The pack collations can vary according to the container's shape and size. In general, the most frequently requested collations are: 2x2, 3x2, 4x3 and 6x4.

All CSK ERGON models are equipped with an electronic product-grouping device and with film-cutting blade and flap-folding device actuated by direct drive brushless motors.

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