wrap-around case packer / automatic / for bottles / box



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    for bottles, box

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The new ERGON range of automatic packers is based on design choices inspired by key concepts such as ergonomics, technology, sturdiness and modularity, masterfully blended to mark a new, significant evolution in the history of SMI products.

You can point out the new ERGON packers rather quickly due to the rounded profile of the movable safety guards, which allow to house all the motors on the outside with respect to the mechanical units they run, facilitating line operator access when performing maintenance.

The LWP ERGON series includes automatic machines for the packaging of plastic, metal , cardboard and glass containers in corrugated cardboard cases and/or trays without film. The octagonal or rectangular trays can have walls of either the same height or different heights.

The LWP ERGON series casepackers can achieve an output up to 30 packs per minute, according to the product.

The pack collations can vary according to the containers shape and dimensions; in general, the most requested collations are: 2x3, 3x4 and 4x6.

LWP ERGON casepackers are equipped with a mechanical product grouping system and are supplied with an in-line or a 90° infeed conveyour, depending on the customer’s exigencies. The change-over is manual.

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