BGA rework station


  • Applications:

    for BGA


The SMD-IR BGA revamp station incorporates incorporated programmable infrared reflow for exact profile control, high exactness optical part vision framework, x-y-θ customizable stage, base preheat. No compelling reason to change hot air spouts with infrared warming. Profiles are put away in computer(control mode and PC programming is the same as in SMD-2004a reflow stove). The station could be utilized to work with BGA, SOP, FQP, PLCC and other fine pitch SMT parts. It is a crucial device for SMT experts. PC programming included. Workstation and screen excluded. Particulars: Top hot air temperature: 100°c to 350°c Bottom hot air temperature: 50°c to 200°c Heating mode: Infrared, programmed control of hot air temperature, warming time and air volume Chip setting: part vision framework with CCD camcorder.