crane scale with LED display / compact / for the metallurgical industry
PGE KGW Soc Coop Bilanciai



  • Display type:

    with LED display

  • Options and accessories:


  • Applications:

    for the metallurgical industry

  • Weighing range:

    Max.: 50 t (55 us ton)

    Min.: 20 t (22 us ton)


A modern, mobile weighing system for application to bridge or mobile cranes which is compact, sturdy andeasy to use; weight measurement is performed by an extremely precise and reliable load cell. The PGE-EV crane scale model is ideal for all applications in which it is necessary to weigh products in-situwithout moving them to static weighing areas. It is indispensable in steelworks, foundries, stockholders,warehouses and a wide range of industrial operations.