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servo-electric bending machine / for tubes / CNC / draw
SB-80X11A-MRV SOCO Machinery



  • Operation:


  • Product handled:

    for tubes

  • Other characteristics:

    CNC, draw, with automated loading/unloading, 11-axis


The MRV series CNC tube benders equipped with multi-tooling can up to 6 tooling levels. Designed for bending complex parts with “0” straight clamping lengths, as well both small and large bending radiuses, it satisfies even the most demanding applications for the automotive, furniture, healthcare, among other industries.

The MRV series Pipe Bending Machines offers Draw Bending + Roll Bending + 1D Bending in the same tube bender.
All Electric 11 Axis Tube Bender. Capacity up to OD76.2mm, Up to 6 stacks of tooling
With SOCO’s unique DGT technology
All electric tube bender, 11 electric servo controlled axis
All 11 axis may be simultaneously moved
1 ~ 6 bending stacks, allows the use of multiple stacks of compound tooling for short clamping distances and complex bends.
Electric servo pressure die assist + Electric servo bending = Ideal combination for superior bending surface and accuracy, diminishing excessive elongation and variation of material length
Ability to set different tooling diameters on the same machine, diminishing setup time when changing tube sizes.
Standard with Automatic Loading and Unloading system interfaces
80mm and 90mm range may be equipped with SOCO DBS system ( 2C – Double Blades Shearing ) ( Optional )