automatic pallet stacker
1 200 x 1 200 mm, 600 kg | PalManager GM5 Soco System



PalManager GM5 is used for stacking of up to 16 pallets or as a magazine from where the operator can collect one or more pallets at a time.

The magazine can be set for automatic stacking or unstacking of 1-5 pallets at a time.

The magazine is electric and does not require any air connection.

Control system and operation
The PalManager GM5 is equipped with a unique and user-friendly control system that ensures high productivity at lowest possible costs. The machine is easy to operate and to set for the functions required.

Safe pallet handling - fewer work-related injuries.

Increases productivity - always a pallet ready for use.

Gentle pallet handling.

No noise or dust inconvenience.

Provides order both in storage and production.