double-flap case sealer / adhesive tape
T-400 series Soco System



  • Flaps:


  • Sealing mode:

    adhesive tape

  • Throughput:

    18 p/min


The short length of the machine ensures high production capacity and maximum space utilisation.
Ideal for integration into fully automatic packaging lines of uniform cases in batches.

Basic Models
The standard version is available in three
constructions (see table). All three machines can be fitted with extra-high pillars.
Read more about our flexible packing stations.
Easy to adjust for different case sizes.

Easy tape and dispenser replacement.

Compact design.

Combined with feed-in control function, efficient separation and maximum utilisation of the capacity of the case sealer is ensured.

Easy to maintain with low maintenance and spare parts costs.

Electro-galvanised or stainless steel finish.