food extruder

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food extruder food extruder


  • Treated material:

    for food

  • Output:

    500 kg/h (1,102.3113 lb/h)


Vacuum Extruder
Fresh pasta, multigrain noodles, 100%-buckwheat soba noodles, rice noodles
New noodle meals made from low-gluten and gluten-free noodles
A noodle-making machine that creates dense noodle sheets
Forms the dough under high pressure

Main Features
(1)Vacuum extrusion (230 width) molding
Noodle sheets are produced while drawing a vacuum, allowing for a very dense dough.
(2)Chip forming
Supports high-density chip forming. Enables noodle manufacture using conventional production line.
(3)Noodle sheets formed to suit various purposes
A versatile machine for many applications as the machine can form noodle sheets tailored to ingredients.
(4)Space saving
Saves space by excluding compounding machine, continuous rolling machine, etc.
(5)Equipped with “air locker” vacuum chamber
Has a vacuum deaeration function and creates a completely airtight space to achieve the highest degree of vacuum.