dielectric testing device / for insulating materials
1296A Solartron Analytical



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    for insulating materials


Analyzing low conductivity, low loss materials stretches the capabilities of even the best impedance analyzers. Used alone, they lack the sensitivity required for accurate measurements, especially at low frequencies.

The 1296A Dielectric Interface overcomes these limitations to give you fast, accurate and repeatable impedance measurements over 12 decades of frequency, yielding valuable insights into the characteristics of a wide range of materials, including polymers, ceramics, ion conductors, dielectrics, piezo/ferroelectrics, display materials etc. Coupled with easy-to-use software, a 1296A-based system takes care of experimental technique and lets you concentrate on interpreting the results.

The 1296A enhances the capabilities of Solartron Analytical’s renowned 1260A and 1255A FRAs to cope with ultra-low current and capacitance levels experienced in testing dielectric materials, enabling:

- Impedance measurements to exceed 100 TΩ (1014Ω)
- Accurate tan delta measurements down to <10-4
- Frequency range from 10 μHz up to 10 MHz
- AC signal and DC bias voltages up to 10,000 V (with external psu or amplifier) for dielectric breakdown and linearity studies

Highly accurate reference capacitors are built in to 1296A for sample/reference testing, or you can choose to use an external reference, offering unrivaled flexibility to meet almost every measurement need. Support for temperature and DC controllers is integral to the measurement software, further increasing the scope for materials analysis.