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1287A Solartron Analytical

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The 1287A model is manufactured by Solartron Analytical, and is an electrochemical interface with a high accuracy, wide bandwidth potentiostat or galvanostat, which offers a full range of AC/DC test capabilities. It has two high resolution digital voltmeters which offer simultaneous voltage and current measurements.

There is an excellent measurement resolution and accuracy down to 1μV for the reference electrodes and 1 pA for the working electrode. The unit makes it suitable for measurements where signal levels are extremely low.

The unit has 2 to 4 cell connectors that are all floating, and has a current measurement resistor ranging from 0.1 Ω to 1 MΩ. It has a full scale current ranges from 2 A to 200 nA, and has a limit error of 0.10% ±0.05%.